Request a Workshop

ATTENTION:  We are excited to announce that we are offering Virtual Teambuilding workshops! Groups interested can fill out a workshop request for an online team-building workshop anytime! Please give us 10 days notice to schedule your workshop! 

High, Low, and Ground workshops are not able to be scheduled for the Fall 2020 semester. However, we are taking requests for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021! Use the workshop request form if you are interested in any of these programs!

To request a workshop, complete the form on the right of the page and submit it. Any other questions, comments, or considerations you’d like us to know about can be directed to

You don’t have to be a UW Madison student to do a workshop with ALPS! If you’re looking for your next office outing, team bonding day, or even just a fun time with some good friends email us to set up a workshop and receive a price quote!

For more detailed information on our workshops, please visit our Workshops page.