Ridge Vanderhei

Credentials: He/Him/His

Position title: ALPs facilitator

Ridge photo

Year in School:  Senior

Major(s):  Elementary Education, minors in Math and Geography, certificate in Educational Policy Studies

Why did you join ALPs? I joined ALPs to engage in a group of leaders, learners, community-builders, and fellow students who are dedicated to facilitating beneficial experiences for other student groups.

What have you learned in ALPs?  ALPs has redefined what leadership looks like, and has challenged me to be a better friend, student, leader, citizen, and educator! Through working in ALPs, I have grown into a more intentional and thoughtful individual, and continually learn something new each time I facilitate.

Favorite ALPs memory?  I love our annual Retreats, where new facilitators are welcomed into the organization and we’re able to grow as a group!