Jacqui Taff

Position title: ALPs Facilitator

Jacqui photo

Year in School:  Sophomore

Major(s):  Spanish/Something else(?)

Why did you join ALPs?  I joined ALPs to find a inclusive community on campus that was welcoming and supportive of my decisions. It was recommended by a friend and it was the best advice I received before going into college.

What have you gained by being in ALPs?  I have become way more confident in myself. Public speaking has become much more natural, and I have learned to work with many different types of age ranges. I’ve learned to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. Going in front of large groups and leading them in activities can be very intimidating, but I’ve learned to embrace the challenge and grow with every experience.

What is your favorite ALPs memory?  My favorite memory of ALPs would have to be the first retreat at Hoofbeat Ridge. Spending an entire weekend with ALPsters and learning more about each other as individuals and as an organization was incredibly beneficial in moving forward during the semester. It established strong connections with people that has carried out throughout the rest of my experience in ALPs.