Mo Kappes

Credentials: She/Her/Hers

Position title: ALPs Advisor

Mo photo

Year in School:  Graduated

Major(s):  B.A. Psychology from the College of William and Mary; M.Ed. with speciality in Experiential Education from Ferris State University

Why did you join ALPs? ALPs offers adventure education opportunities to students and I believe it is experiences like these that can change people and the world. So, I got involved!

What have you learned in ALPs? So much! I have grown as a leader, an educator, and a mentor. I have learned about my power and privilege and how it shows up when I facilitate. I have learned to listen more, give feedback in a constructive manner, and help structure a program where people can learn and grow.

Favorite ALPs memory?  A group was tasked with keeping a beach ball off of the ground and were being timed as to how long they could do it. The metaphor of “not dropping the ball” was a powerful one for this group and the debrief that followed the activity was a raw sneak peek into the office culture of the group. It was clear at the end of the activity that the director didn’t trust her staff to “not drop the ball” and how it made the staff feel. It was a powerful experience and really brought home to me the potential impact ALPs programming can have. How it can be a vehicle for reflection, growth, and change.