Virtual Teambuilding workshops

Our Virtual Teambuilding workshops are simply an online version of our teambuilding (ground) workshops.  You will find the same engaging, educational, and fun teambuilding initiatives and community building activities as you would if we could meet in person.  So, there is no reason to put off getting together with your team or group!  There are several added benefits to Virtual Teambuilding:

  • People can join in from wherever they are located whether on campus or halfway around the world.
  • There is no need to find a room or a space to meet as a group–people join from wherever they are.
  • It is physically more accessible to more folx, since again, no need to travel, less focused on movement, and no unfamiliar spaces to navigate.

Virtual Teambuilding workshops will be developed to meet the unique needs of your group and can be requested through our workshop request form.  And, remember, all of our programming is free for current UW-Madison students!  We look forward to seeing you in the virtual environment!

*ALPs Virtual Teambuilding workshops do require an internet connection and a computer–either a desktop or laptop–preferably with a camera.

What people are saying about our virtual workshops:

  • Breath of fresh air to come play with one another because we rarely get to do that.”
  • “This is not another boring Zoom meeting.”
  • “Use our brains to have fun.”

Watch our Virtual Teambuilding Workshop Promotional Video