Low Ropes Course

In 2007, ALPs built an 11 element low ropes course at the University’s West Madison Agricultural Research Station in Verona, WI.  An ALPs low ropes course workshop is perfect for a day outdoors, to have fun, raise confidence, build higher levels of interpersonal trust, increase willingness to calculate risk, improve group cohesion, and improve communication skills.

A low ropes course provides a unique experience where groups participate in activities both on the ground as well as a 2-12 feet off the ground.  These experience will provide groups with the opportunity to grow as individuals as well as a team.  The facilitators will tailor the workshop to meet the challenge level of each individual in the group as well as provide a safe environment for growth.

Elements include:

  • Whale Watch
  • Zig Zag
  • Giant’s Fingers
  • Nitro Crossing
  • Trust Fall Platform
  • Wild Woozey
  • Team Wall
  • Spider’s Web
  • Universal Person Sender
  • Acid River
  • And much, much more!

A low ropes course runs around three to eight hours.  Please remember that this is an active environment that is outdoors and the group should dress to meet the needs of weather and active participation.  Must wear closed toed shoes to participate.

Want to experience the fun at a Low Ropes Course?  Request a workshop here!