An ALPS Workshop Is Meant To:

  • Gain individual and group awareness
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Improve goal setting, planning, and strategizing
  • Strengthen decision-making skills
  • Develop a greater appreciation and respect for differences within a group
  • Increase team spirit
  • Have fun!

Learn about each Workshop Type!

Virtual Teambuilding Workshops

Because of COVID 19, we can no longer meet in person, but that doesn't mean we can't meet virtually and engage in teambuilding activities together. Learn more...

Picture of 6 people on a Zoom meeting

Low Ropes Course

A low ropes course provides a unique experience where groups participate in activites both on the ground as well as a 2-12 feet off of the ground. Our low ropes course is open April 1st to November 1st.

High Ropes Course

The high ropes course provides the opportunity for individuals within the group to challenge themselves by navigating obstacles constructed between 40' telephone poles. Our high ropes course is open April 1st-November 1st.

Teambuilding workshop (ground workshop)

Teambuilding or ground workshops take place all over campus, depending on where the group can find a location space. We often do workshops outside, in various classrooms, in rooms at the Union… anywhere!

Facilitation Trainings

For 25 years, ALPs has been training college students to facilitate groups in person and, most recently online. Email us at if you are interested in scheduling an ALPs facilitator training for your group.